Fun Company was founded in 1988 by Andrea and Paul Ast. Both had extensive backgrounds in Retail. With a combined tally of almost 40 years of Retail experience, we decided to try something new and become Wholesale Reps. After a few years of strugglingM53B L.Blu-Nav we finally realized that we needed to pass on our experience and expertise in Retail to our customers. It worked beyond our wildest dreams and in addition also decided to Rep only (True Manufacturers). After 15 Years Repping  all kinds of so called Manufacturers we realized that the best retailing lines that we represented actually Produced their own garments, and weren’t just middle men, buying blank garments and just embellishing these garments with a screen print or embroidery. This changed everything for Fun Company and our Customers. At about the same time, imports began to dominate the market and we realized that it was time for another change and so we searched out the Top Retailing Lines in the Resort Market Industry. After that we continued to closely watch the market. We noticed that Retail was changing and the most successful retailers worked on a smaller margin in order to hit “Magic Retail Numbers” (Price Point). Even though their Profit Margin was down they sold so much more product that their Net Profit went up, way up. We convinced a couple of our key customers to Trust Us and Trust in our Experience. They did and this solidified our success along with our Customer’s. If you’d like to speak with one of these customers, just ask and we’ll put you in touch.

“We Love what we do and would love to help you join in our success”
Sincerely, Andrea & Paul Ast